Phantom of Delight


Cover photo: The Phantom of the Opera.

I vaguely write but my fingers itched to relay what I was thinking, I switched on the computer, logged onto my blog, grabbed a soft drink and typed out my thoughts.

A few days ago I was on my usual routine exodus to the city center thinking of how a meeting would turn out, I was relaxed In B.I.G words “…I’m cool as a fan.” (The Notorious B.I.G – I Got A Story to Tell) I hop into a city shuttle parked at the bus stage, as I walk towards an empty seat I see a lady seated alone, I decide I will play it cool but partially trip and fumble into an empty seat nearby.

Her complexion was fair and light similar to caramel, her dark hair flowing onto her shoulders barely moving when the shuttle came to an abrupt stop; it was creepy but a “nice” creepy, she had on geeky spectacles rarely looking up, submerged into her own thoughts, dressed in a Retro-futuristic black top matching her black ballet shoes, burned orange pants matching her hand bag placed on her lap, she gently filled her nails unconscious to the surroundings and the world (the world being me).

How can I describe this lady, it was like having the right mix of milk and sugar in your tea (coffee), an exact spread of ketchup (sauce) with your fries, the perfect serving of mayonnaise on a burger, the perfectly toasted bread with unsalted butter spread on it. I’m a foodie and my initial thoughts when I saw her were about food.

The shuttle came to a halt. I watched this wonderful being stand up ready to disembark the shuttle, her gait slow and deliberate yet gracious with every step she took. I sat watching her walk away, transitioning into the bustling mesh of people in the city center; I realized she will remain a phantom of delight in my thoughts. 

She Was a Phantom of Delight – BY William Wordsworth

Late night thoughts


I finally decided to put something in this blog after months… well years of procrastinating I know, I know, I should probably de-register this blog, ride into the sunset, eat two servings of fries, chicken wings, a bottomless coke, drink milk from the box(more like sufuria), put my head in the freezer and pretend I traveled to the north pole, petition for the US government to reintroduce the space program so that I can send all politicians to mars, Jupiter or anywhere in the galaxy(Coming soon: Humans are from earth, where are politicians from by yours truly), do a mental triathlon(start with solving math quizzes, puzzles, chess and finally the Rubik cube, not to figure out the combination of equations needed to get matching colors but to acquire one as a house decoration: you know first impression are really important) or just lazy around.

Although all the above sounds somewhat great and really tempting beyond any real reasoning, I will throw to you this cliché statement, been there and done it! well most of them still working on some but the result of all the above is a unusual mix between hunger, serious constipation, loss of memory and a serious migraine… please don’t try the above at home and if you choose to go against my sweet and scrumptious serving of warnings: I warned you. Here I sit listening to music, suggestions from Brill Mariddim, wondering whether I have a case of serious insomnia but it’s only a few minutes past 1.00 pm more like 1.30, contemplating writing a post talking about this post. Isn’t it weird how you have so much to say to yourself, if I became a mad scientist I would clone myself to talk to me and I would…?

Got a bit confused, this are late night thoughts. All those like me who find more stuff to do when everyone else is going to bed dreaming about their better half, even when they are nonexistent or yet to be born, welcome all and sundry and thank you for taking time to read snippets from my mind thus after waiting for years to start here is the first post, to your left you shall hopefully see filled with post, below you can comment and share my thoughts on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. (Drum roll please) Ladies and Gentlemen this is Ammon writing I would like to welcome you to, you will soon be reading at about 200 – 250 wpm. My expectations are that you will experience a really smooth read. Once again I thank you for choosing to read my blog and I hope you will enjoy.

Welcome to the mind of Ammon Victor

I can finally get rid of the hello world post